New Buick Regal GS 2024 Models, Price, Specs

New Buick Regal GS 2024 Models, Price, Specs – Buick is lagging behind the rest of the pack when it comes to sports vehicles. After a few years of being ugly but functional, Buick’s Regal Sportback sedan has been given one more push to make it behave like a sports car, which is about as far from a Mercedes-AMG E53 or Lexus GS F as you can go.

The normally aspirated V6 engine is powerful but without personality; the same can be said of how it transfers power. Although understeer may occur when the GS is over-exerted, there is no difference in dynamic performance. There is just one redeeming grace for the Regal GS, and that is its Sportback body option, which has a hatchback-like liftgate and more luggage space.

2024 Buick Regal Redesign
2024 Buick Regal Redesign

New 2024 Buick Regal GS Redesign

Buick has declared that the New 2024 Buick Regal  line of vehicles would be phased out after 2024 due to dwindling sedan sales and the brand’s success in the SUV category. This year’s 2024 Regal has been left unchanged because of the range’s impending death, which may be both exciting and uninspiring depending on who you ask. We think the 19-inch aluminum wheels with Technical Gray accents and the massive brushed-silver foglight surrounds make it a handsome vehicle in GS trim. “

With its sporty spoiler, the GS looks to be a mix between a BMW M2 and a Lexus IS 350, but it does so confidently thanks to the hatchback-style liftgate. Daytime running lights, halogen headlights with flash-to-pass functionality, automatic on/off, and automatic delay is standard on the 2024 Buick Regal GS exterior. There are no filament bulbs in either of the taillights.

2024 Buick Regal Interior
2024 Buick Regal Interior


2024 Buick Regal GS sports a smooth, flowing dashboard design with an easy-to-read and use button layout for both the driver and front passenger, retaining its Euro-centric exterior look. All of the bells and whistles are included in the GS version of the Regal, which is a special performance edition. Front-seat passengers and the driver may adjust their lumbar support in this vehicle’s leather seats in four different ways.

In addition to the sporty leather-wrapped flat-bottomed steering wheel, the driver is furnished with elegant aluminum pedals. Auto-dimming rearview mirror, front and rear park assist, and dual-zone climate control all contribute to a more convenient urban driving experience. The GS’s remote start and keyless entry make getting in and out of the vehicle a snap. Options include a head-up display and wireless charging pad.


As with the original GS, New 2024 Buick Regal  has kept the 3.6-liter V6 engine, which delivers 310 horsepower and 282 pound-feet of torque at 6,800 rpm. This automobile boasts a nine-speed automatic transmission and an advanced power distribution system that distributes most of the power to the front wheels, but can also use the rear wheels if necessary while driving on the highway.

Despite the 3.6-liter V6 engine linear rush of power, the nine-speed automated transmission keeps the 3.6-liter engine well within its powerband, resulting in a smooth, swift acceleration. In order to get the most out of your car’s high-performance gearbox, choose GS mode instead of Touring or Sport mode. Powerful at the top, but lacking in low-end torque, is the Regal GTS.

2024 Buick Regal Release Date
2024 Buick Regal Release Date

New 2024 Buick Regal GS Release Date and Price

The New 2024 Buick Regal  family of Buick automobiles The FWD 2.0T base model costs $25,370, while the GS costs $39,070. There is a $13,700 premium above the standard Regal GS, which includes taxes and fees, as well as a $925 destination charge. At roughly $40,000, Buick has competition from numerous other manufacturers that provide superior products.

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